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Public Relations (PR)

This committee is responsible for the public relations and communication aspects for the WiNUP Ohio chapter. They will manage the content for our social media accounts and coordinate marketing efforts for our events and membership recruitment.

Lindsay Chambers (lmchambers@aep.com), Chairperson


Recommends investment opportunities, policies, and procedures. Participates in budget planning.   

Lynn Guilbert (LGuilbert@nisource.com), Chairperson

Holiday Social

Plans the end of the year holiday social. This committee assumes the role of Hospitality committee for this event.     

Deb Wilson (djwilson@aep.com) / Lila Munsey (lpmunsey@aep.com), Co Chairs


Every great meeting starts with organized details so that attendees can experience a stress free environment and have a memorable and successful experience. This committee organizes all logistics for monthly meetings/events.     

Amy Dellenbach (amdellenbach@aep.com) / Heather Barnett (hrbarnett@aep.com),
Co Chairs


Responsible for activities to maintain membership roster, including tracking member activities and event attendance throughout the year.     

Rebecca Coleman (recoleman@aep.com), Dawn West (dawest@aep.com), and Kim Regrut (kregrut@nisource.com), Co Chairs


The WiNUP Mentoring Committee is responsible for planning the annual mentoring program. The group events will incorporate small group activities, which will encourage networking, practice and hands on experience.     

Andora Marshall (amarshall@aep.com), Chairperson / Sarah Kent (sjkent@aep.com)


Responsible for producing the newsletter as well as organizing and storing all Chapter records. This committee will also maintain a history of past speakers and events, along with any lessons learned and post critiques. This will help in putting together the annual submission for the chapter achievement award.     

Martha Napalo (mmnapalo@aep.com), Chairperson

** Looking for Co-chairperson


This committee encourages STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education for our next generation of females.       

Carla Donev (carladonev@gmail.com) and Supriya Somisetty (svsomisetty@aep.com), Co-chairs

Ways & Means, Scholarship / Awards

Focused on promoting scholarships, awards and organizing fundraising events throughout the year.       

Orawan Wells (owells@aep.com), Chairperson

Website / Technology / Social Media**

The website & technology committee is responsible for updating the website with important and accurate Ohio Chapter information as well as the chapter’s social media footprint. This year we are looking to redesign our website and launch our chapter’s Facebook page.       

Krista Tillman (kdtillman@aep.com), Chairperson

** Looking for Co-chairperson

Community Service

This committee is responsible for coordinating community service events. These events include, but are not limited to the semi-annual clothing drive and a community outreach activity.     

Judy Buyer (jmbuyer@aep.com) and Yvonne Breland (ycbreland@aep.com),

Programming & Special Events

Programming committee is chaired by the chapter’s Vice Chair.  This committee will create the calendar of events for the year ensuring that each of the International objectives is met:  Professional Growth, Personal Growth, Industry Related, and Women’s Issues.  The committee will contact speakers and work closely with the Hospitality committee to organize events.


Kernesa Samana (kksamana@aep.com), Chairperson      

2020 Retreat

This is a special committee established to help plan WiNUP Ohio chapters 30 year anniversary (in 2020!).


Michele Jeunelot (mljeunelot@aep.com), Chairperson      

WiNUP Ohio Chapter

WiNUP is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (6) organization.

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